Ryan Hamler | Our Team

Name: Ryan Hamler

Nickname: My trail name is Redneck Rye.
How Do You Help at Outdoor Source: Mostly customer service on the floor, some ordering and receiving.
Favorite Part of Job: I really enjoy helping folks get geared up for the "once in a lifetime" sort of trip, especially if that trip is a long distance hike.
Favorite Outdoor Sport: Kayak camping and backpacking.
Gear You Can't Live Without: Ex Officio Boxer Briefs, Chaco Sandals, GSI French Press, ENO Hammock
Pets: 20 gallon fresh water aquarium.
Inspirational Quote: Life is better when you smell bad.
Best Outdoor Tip: Pay attention to your feet and do not mock the chafe monster, he will bite you.
Favorite Band: Clutch, Ramones, Jane's Addiction.
Bad habits: Getting lazier as I get older.
Goto Outdoor Websites: Ohio EPA River Mile GIS page and USGS River Gauges.
Highest Terrestrial Elevation: 14,505' Summit of Mt. Whitney.
Bonus fun fact: Once went 28 days in Alaska (mostly on a glacier) without a shower.