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I live in Columbus, should I order online?

Probably not, shopping at one of our stores is a much more efficient use of your time, fuel and energy. A good majority of what is posted online is located at our stores; but there are exceptions. If you purchase from one of our stores, you have he personal guarantee of sizing, fit and the feel good knowledge that you've saved some gas, packing material and of course time!

...But I want the online sale price or promotion.

Sure! Our stores can match our online price or promotion. Just ask at the register during check-out.

...But I want to make sure everything I want is at one store.

No problemo, The Outdoor Source is able to do store-to-store transfers for most items within a 2-3 day time frame. If you know the items you want, please call one of our store locations to check availability or to set up a transfer of your items to the most convenient Outdoor Source location. Most items can be picked up the following day (as long as there are no tornadoes, high winds or snow storms to delay transfer), but boats & paddling gear is best picked up at our Outdoor Source Kingsdale Center location in Upper Arlington. Please contact our stores for more information.

Was my credit card charged?
Only if your order was shipped. The Outdoor Source's transaction process has 2 steps.
1. Authorization (Funds are allocated when the order is placed to be sure y our account can cover the charge. This authorization will show up as "Pending" on your statement.)
2.Capture (Funds are taken by The Outdoor Source only when your order has been filled and given a shipping label).
*If you are paying with a debit or gift card, this two step process may differ, depending on your bank's terms.
Credit Card Verification?
After your order is placed, your credit card information is sent through If the order has been flagged for any reason, The Outdoor Source will temporarily suspend the processing of the order (for your protection). As soon as the card holder is contacted and able to answer a couple of quick questions to verify the legitimacy of the order, it will be shipped right away.
Phone Orders
Phone orders are processed on the same timeline as orders placed over the web.
Can I use more than 1 credit card?
Only if you call us and ask politely.
Can I trust you with my email?
Yes, it's the best way to keep tabs on your order. You will be emailed right away:
- If there are any problems with your order
- If your items will be drop shipped from the vendor
- When your order is shipped
We hate spam as much as you do and if you ask us not to send you promos we won't!
How safe is it?
The Outdoor Source is committed to your privacy and keeping your sensitive information safe. For a full explanation of The Outdoor Source safety standards, you should visit our Privacy & Security page.
If I can put it in my cart that means it's in stock, right?
98% of the time, yes. Unfortunately, erors do happen and occasionally inventory which does not physically exist can be ordered. The most common errors can be found with Outlet and sale inventory because it leaves the building so fast. If you would like assurance that your order is in stock, please call our customer service team.
Special Orders or as we call them SPODER's!
If one of the brands The Outdoor Source carries makes something you really, really like, but we don't carry it online or in our stores, we are able to place a special order. Please note that if the item you like is in stock with the manufacturer, sale prices or discount codes cannot be applied. Also keep in mind that special orders can take at least 2 weeks and additional shipping charges may apply.
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Where will my stuff be shipped from?
Most orders are filled and shipped from The Outdoor Source Kingsdale store in Columbus, Ohio. However, please note that some items may be sent to you in separate shipments directly from the brand's warehouse. If any of the items in your order are drop shipped (sent directly to your house from that manufacture's warehouse), a notification email will be sent. To find out where your item will ship from please call or email our Customer Service department.
Drop Ship?
Yes, we do drop ship! We have outstanding relationships with several brands and The Outdoor Source is able to offer a vast selection of their products and have them sent to you directly from the manufacturer's warehouse. Depending on the brand and the location the product(s) are being shipped to, your package may arrive 1-3 days sooner or later than you'd expected.
*Here are a few of The Outdoor Source's top brand's warehouse locations:
Chaco - Michigan
Five Ten - California
Patagonia - Nevada
Marmot - Nevada
Osprey - Colorado

Soooooo, I used your drop ship option, but I need to return something?
Please return all drop ship items to The Outdoor Source, we will take care of the rest.
No free shipping for me?
The Outdoor Source is happy to offer free shipping to customers whose orders total more than $49 and will be shipped via USPS Priority/UPS Ground to the lower 48 states. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or internationally. Please see our Shipping Info page for more details.
Can you ship my order on the day that I place it?
Orders are typically shipped out in 1-2 business days.
What if I changed my mind and I want to cancel my order?
Please give us a call to inquire about canceling an order. We can surely take a look to see where your order is in processing and will try to cancel it. We are not always able to cancel orders, as they are processed immediately after they are placed, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.
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Returns & Exchanges:

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Price Matching:

If you find an identical product -- same season, same color, same style, same size -- on a competitor's site, we'll match their price! Just call our customer service team and let them know you need a price match. They'll take care of you.
Rules: Items cannot be discounted more than 30%. Competing site must be based in the US. Auction sites such as eBay are excluded. Price matches cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. We cannot match price on gift cards. Limit one price-matched item per customer!

Errors & Inaccuracy:

We are very sorry if there was a mix up...
...but we do our best to give you the most accurate, up-to-date information on products, their images, current pricing or availability. Like ou, we're human and not always perfect; with a finger slip "here" and a missed decimal placement "there". While we strive for excellence in every aspect of our web site, we also manage it and there might be an occasional mistake, error, typo, or inaccuracy due to human or technological errors.
Viewing is a common computer error that may be corrected at home - All computer monitors unless properly calibrated can display the correct colors inaccurately. All product images are supplied by the manufacturer directly. In some cases we do photograph items that do not have an image, or we discover the vendor image is incorrect. Manufacturing changes during production could alter the look of any item slightly. (For example color trims, logo placement, or zipper pulls)
All Prices presented on are up to date and correct. If you navigate away from, outdated information may claim sale prices or coupon codes; The Outdoor Source will not acknowledge these sale prices. In addition, please also note sales and sale prices are set for certain dates, and items cached in a check-out basket for any length of time, may be subject to a change in pricing or availability.
The Outdoor Source reserves the right to correct these errors--which may happen after an order has been submitted--as well as to update this information without prior notice. To assure you are getting the correct color, pricing or availability please reference the manufactures home page or call our Customer Service department for help at 614-457-3620.

Assorted Color Policy

Items sold in assorted colors may vary from the picture shown. Specific colors cannot be distinguished within The Outdoor Source inventory as the vendor does not apply item numbers to each color. We try to honor all requests, but cannot make any guarantees. If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Service at 614-457-3620.

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