Hobie Mirage Drive 180 upgrade for V2 drive systems

 This is no longer a option. Hobie has stopped selling parts needed.

This will use your existing Hobie V2 mirage drive. It will convert your V2 drive to a 180 Mirage Drive with reverse. 180MD parts will replace your lower half of Mirage Drive. It will not replace everything. Your existing drive will have to be in good working condition to use this kit. This will not work on V1 drives. Installation requires basic tools and can be done in less then a hour with one person. If you have anymore questions please call store 614-457-3620.

Parts Included in Kit: 
81499001 MD 180 Spine Assemby – One
81491001 Handle & Tendon MD 180 Reverse – One
81486001 Handle & Tendon MD 180 Forward – One
81504001 Mast MD 180 Turbo – Two
81501001 MD 180 Fin Turbo – Two

Hobie 180 Drive Parts








The tools you will need: 

7/16 wrench

Allen wrench set

Wood or plastic mallet (hammer could damage drum shaft)


Paper towels

This modification will use your existing Hobie V2 drive. The parts will swap out the lower half of your drive. I would suggest cleaning parts during your swap to get best performance from your drive.

We are going to start by locating and removing the 7/16 nuts attaching cables to the drums. Only one side needs removed and it will not matter which side it is. Take a picture or take note of how many threads are exposed below nuts for installment. Place nuts in safe place.

Pull threaded tips out of drum and pull through fins. You may remove fins to make things easier if needed.

You are now ready to remove Pedal Drum. Please be careful pulling off. Inside are small bearing rods. They can be a pain to reinstall. If they start coming out simply reach in with fingers or wrench and push back in while removing drum.

*You can take this opportunity to remove those rods and give a good cleaning and reapply lube to them. You can use the drum rod to help realign them once you have removed it from spine in next stage. Start with two or three rods then insert drum rod. This will help align reminder of rods around drum rod.

Use a marker to locate the center of the drum shaft  before removing, this will help replacing it later. Your will need a plastic or wood mallet. If you use hammer be sure to use piece of wood in between to protect drum rod. (I did not use marks in pic on right. It does make easier if you do. Otherwise you will have to measure to insure even.)

Using allen wrench remove set screw. This will allow pulley shaft to be pushed out. These parts will be reinstalled on new shaft. Please be careful, there are more rod bearings inside pulley. These can also be cleaned and lubed if desired.

Reverse procedure and reinstall pulley onto new 180 drive now. Sorry I didn’t take pictures of this part.

Now your done with old V2 drive spine. Reinstall Drum shaft into 180 Spine. Using marked lines on drum shaft carefully hammer in to new 180 Spine. If you didn’t use marked lines be sure to measure to make even on both sides.

Place Drum pedals back on shaft being careful not to disturb rod bearings. You will have to hold both sides on since the cables are only thing keeping them in place. Numbers will face the pull handles.

The most difficult part of the project is getting cables put back together. So take a breath and give it a go. I found it helpful to mark center of sprockets as well as center of chain. This helped to insure I had things lined up. It might help having a second set of hands. Wrap the two chain cables first then the pulley cable will go on last.

As you wrap first chain cable around remember moving the pedal shafts will change tension on chain. Use this to help get things placed correctly. You can opt to place 7/16 nut on a couple threads deep to hold cable. I waited till I had all three. Then place second chain cable on the other side.

When putting on pulley cable it will ride on outside of chain cables on drum. Be sure to check that all cables are around drum and not falling off. Again it might help to have an extra hand


Once the cable tips are inserted and cables are laying properly on drum install the 7/16 nuts if you haven’t already. Use earlier thread count reference or tighten till snug. NOT TO TIGHT. This will affect the drive if too tight.

When installing mast and fins you might see small plastic piece above grey thumbscrew. Remove that first. Insert mast and tighten snug. Does not need to be super tight

Once fin is inserted far enough you will start threading adjusting thumbscrew into fin. NOTE: This Grey thumbscrew is held on by LockTight. If it becomes loose it will not allow threads to screw into fin so be careful not to force on. As you tighten thumbscrew through window on fin you will add the 8-32 nut. This will help lock the thumbscrew. This will finish fins.

Last part is to install FWD/REV handles. Please be careful with these. This is the weakest link to new drive. Make sure you get tighten flush but do not over tighten.

You can now pull back on reverse/forward and see how they operate. You are ready to hit the water.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call 614-457-3620 or to email me at cs@theoutdoorsource.com

Andy Graham