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New Vendors For Fall 2012

Fits Sock Co. logo

Fits Socks Co. Made with PRIDE in the USA, Niota, Tennessee. Engineered with your feet in mind. Expirence the Full Contact Fit™ Combines three critical design elements: Dynamic Toe Cup™, Heel Lock™ and Full Contact Cuff™. These three elements create a perfect fit everywhere the sock touches the foot and leg. Full Contact Fit™ = No chafing, hot spots and no slippage. To see the complete sock selection offered by Outdoor Source, click the Fits Socks logo.

Helle Knives Logo

Helle Knives have been made in Holmedal, Norway since 1932. The Philosophy remains the same: Quality craftmanship is best preserved by skilled craftsmen. Craftsmen with extensive experience and knowledge still take pride in making each and every Helle knife unique. A knife that is designed to meet the demands of the outdoors and one that will last for generations. To see the complete Helle Knives collection click the Helle logo.

Minus33 Logo

Minus33 was started with the foundation of providing high quality, warm, garments to the active and outdoor community. There was a gap from what was available, expensive high end poorly made, to low cost inferior constructed synthetic garments. Minus33 was started to fill that gap in the market. Minus33 product is available only at the Westerville Store. To see the complete Minus33 Baselayer collection click the Minus33 logo.